Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night might not have launched in the best state, but since then, it's received a number of updates to improve the overall experience.

The latest one Artplay and 505 Games is rolling out allows players to take control of the Mary Poppins style umbrella-wielding character, Bloodless, as a bonus playable character. Here's a brief teaser clip via the game's official Twitter account:

Bloodless is one of the bosses that was featured in the Boss Revenge Mode update back in the July update. This mode decked out each boss with their own roster of abilities and unique playstyles and then had them challenge a series of heroes, with battles taking place in their own dedicated spaces.

More information about this bonus character will be revealed in the coming days. Will you be revisiting Bloodstained to try out this next update? Leave a comment down below.

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