If you're a fan of games that do something a little different, with art styles and soundtracks that are genuinely unique, you might want to watch out for Art Sqool which has just been announced for Switch.

Art Sqool is an experimental school simulation game that combines exploration with a series of creative tasks for the player to complete. You take on the role Froshmin, a freshman who just wants to create art, explore the quirky campus, and get to work on the tasks given to you by the professor.

The professor serves as your advisor and also judges your work, giving you grades depending on how well you've managed to complete each task. The Switch version of the game could prove to be the best way to play, too, with new touchscreen and stylus support being implemented to make the most out of Nintendo's machine.

Here's a feature list:

BE CREATIVE. The professor is a really cool dude. And painting is all about having fun, so go crazy! Over 200 inspiring prompts will help you break through any creative block.

EXPLORE AMAZING CAMPUS. You've never seen anything like it.

RELAX. OK, there might be some challenges in the game, but it also gives the players an opportunity to unwind: you can relax to chillout music and slow tempo of the game.

BECOME A COLLECTOR. Find and collect cool brushes to help you in your artistic process. There are numerous extras hidden around the map, like a wiggle brush, rainbow pencil, and… a mop.

Julian Glander, the artist and developer behind the game, says, "Art Sqool is definitely saying something about the state of arts education, and how art and creativity relate to and often pushes against the rigid systems of our world. But you could also just turn your brain off and have a great time drawing and exploring and listening to the music”.

We don't have a release date for this one just yet, so keep your eyes peeled for more news over the coming months.