Update: Funding for the project has mysteriously been cancelled. Here's a statement taken directly from the Kickstarter page:

Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jun 11 2020

Original Article: A brand new controller designed especially for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players has appeared on Kickstarter, and it's already winning over the masses.

The 'Duelist' wireless gamepad from Retro Fighters hopes to provide a "new and exciting way" to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Switch, tweaking the ever-popular GameCube controller design with several new features.

Arguably the most noteworthy of changes is the fact that players can use the controller to perform Smash attacks or 'Short Hop' attacks at the press of a button, with the new 'S' face button removing the need for any stick work. You can switch between these two attack options by pressing the 'mode attack' button on the centre of the controller.

Retro Fighters Duelist Smash Bros

The campaign's only been live for a couple of days, but it's already smashed its $13,000 goal. If you're wanting to learn more about it or buy one for yourself, you can visit the Kickstarter page right here. The cheapest option will cost you $28.

What do you think? Does the Duelist look like it could be Ultimate way to play? Smash a comment in the box below.

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