Update (Sat 9th May, 2020 05:25 BST): It's official, Cannibal Cuisine will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms on 20th May. To celebrate, Rocket Vulture has released a new trailer.

Original story (Thu 12th Dec, 2019 11:30 GMT): A brand new cooking-based party game is being served up on Nintendo Switch next year, but this one has a cannibalistic twist.

Cannibal Cuisine is a new release from Belgian indie developer, Rocket Vulture. It's inspired by couch co-op favourite, Overcooked, but adds some original flavours into the mix, too. As you can see from the trailer above, the Overcooked comparisons are very clear to see, but this one has you using your frying pan to clobber people passing by before throwing them into the mix, too. It's cooking and combat combined, plus cannibalism.

The game supports co-op for up to four players, with teamwork naturally being the key ingredient for success. Here's a feature list:

Free range organic food... mostly
The recipes for success are varied; find delicious fruits and vegetables, and combine them with freshly chopped and cooked tourists for a truly divine delicacy fit for the God Hoochooboo. Of course the tourists might not offer themselves up freely, the heathens, so you’ll need to master your arcade reflexes, voodoo magic and fire breathing, useful for baking as well, to persuade them without getting KO’d!

Claim your Michelin stars with 1 to 4 players

Ready, steady, cook your way through a full campaign alone or with up to 4 chefs or challenge each other to cooking battles in PvP. With so many chefs in the kitchen, chaos is sure to follow. Outsmart rival cannibals while chasing tourists or work together as a crew to serve up the most epic of mealtimes to your god.

Well-done not Overcooked

Developing a taste for cooking by games such as Overcooked, inspired Rocket Vulture to create their own unique cuisine, a cannibalistic one. A spicy homage to Overcooked can be seen in the trailer to show their gratitude.

Are you a fan of Overcooked? Do you think this will do enough to be worthy of a purchase, too? Share your thoughts with us below.