Animal Crossing
Image: Nintendo Life

Here's a story we never expected to cover - Animal Crossing: New Horizons players are apparently getting busted by Facebook for talking about weeds.

A story over on Polygon reveals how at least "two different Animal Crossing groups on the platform" have issued PSAs to their communities to stop using certain words. One is "weed" and the other is "trade" and it's resulted in Facebook deleting posts and uploads, and issuing warnings.

One admin of a UK-based Animal Crossing group, which has more than 34,000 members, summed it up nicely:

They must think we’re running narcotics

A Facebook user who is part of another Animal Crossing group added how their own community was at risk of being shut down because they were also regularly talking about dealing with weeds on their tropical islands and trading this and that.

It's all tied to Facebook's community standards that these groups have supposedly breached - according to direct warnings from the social media giant.

As noted by Polygon, when it comes to regulated goods: You can't sell or buy non-medical drugs on the platform, and Facebook is automatically flagging conversation about weeding in Animal Crossing and confusing it with something else. Admins have now been forced to take action:

We are deleting any posts that contain the W plant name

So next time you need some help tidying up your island, just be careful what you say.

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