Artwork for Finding Teddy 2 on Nintendo Switch

With the coronavirus pandemic causing havoc across the entire industry, it comes as no surprise to hear that some physical game releases are being pushed back. Indie publisher Pixelheart is the latest to reveal a new release schedule for its upcoming games.

The publisher has decided to postpone each game in its upcoming lineup by a month. If you were thinking about picking up any of these games physically, here are the new dates you'll need to know:

- Finding Teddy 2 [Switch and Wii U] will be released on May 29th, 2020.

- SHMUP Collection [Switch and Wii U] will be released during the month of June (We will specify the exact day of the release soon)

- Super Trench Attack [Switch] will be released during the month of July.

- Guns of Mercy [Switch] will be released in August.

We should mention that SHMUP Collection's digital launch is still going live today as planned. In fact, we'll have a review of that one going up on the site soon.

The other three titles are also available on Switch in digital form as we speak - only the physical editions have been delayed.