Note: The following trailer contains adult language and suicide references.

Remember Indiecalypse, the dark-humoured indie development game that took to Kickstarter last year? Well, the campaign was a huge success and we're now just days away from the final product's release.

If you need a quick recap, the game has players experiencing what it's really like to live as an indie developer (at the darkest, most depressing end of the scale). You'll take on the role of one of three team members - an artist, a programmer, or a musician - and discover how each of their personalities slowly deteriorates over time through the medium of dark humour minigames.

It's supposedly "sadly based on real events", and while the main structure of the game is based on modern exploration/adventure titles, those minigames we mentioned also play a vital role. There are more than 20 to play through in total, and they're said to be inspired by other well-known indie games. Here's a quick feature list:

- The definitive Indie Developer Experience
- More than 20 mini-games, most of them inspired by well-known indie games
- Different playable characters: Jack, Ethan and Violet
- A lot of Cinematics
- Dark Humour

Indiecalypse will launch on Switch on 29th May and will be available for £11.69 / $12.99.

Does this look like your kind of game? Will you be giving it a go later this week? Tell us below.