The Deluxe Edition we've all been waiting for is finally here, as Outright Games reveal the Race With Ryan: Road Trip Deluxe Edition and Race With Ryan: Surprise Track Pack DLC.

Yes, arguably the most irritating racer on Switch is back with brand new content, available as a digital update for those who already own the game, or as part of a Deluxe edition bundle which apparently offers "the ultimate racing experience".

The new Track Pack DLC adds two new tracks - Icy Land and Route 66 - and five new racers including American Titan, New York Lexa and New Hampshire Panda. This expansion pack is available as we speak for $7.99 / £5.99 / €7.99, so feel free to get on that immediately if you already own a copy of the game.

If you'd rather wait for the Deluxe Edition - which will be available both digitally and physically - that's planned to launch in October. This will contain the full original game, Surprise Track Pack DLC and a brand new American road trip themed pack.

We reviewed the base game when it first came to Switch in November. If you can't tell, we weren't exactly impressed. Here's what we had to say:

"Putting our opinion on the cynical Ryan phenomenon to one side, the resulting game is nevertheless a slightly below-average kart racer that handles reasonably well but generally underwhelms, from the pitifully small number of tracks to the uninspired, floaty-light weaponry. Give your kids a Mario, Sonic or Crash racer instead; they may be young, but they aren’t stupid."