Animal Crossing Fish Bait
Image: Nintendo Life

We've said it before and we'll say it again: crafting items in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can really start to grate once you've been playing the game for a while. Just like most aspects of the game, crafting items requires you to continually hammer the 'A' button, making your way through several screens of dialogue and menu options that really could have been streamlined.

It's one of the very few things that we wouldn't mind being altered in a future update, but for now, Reddit user Ra7vaNn05 has come up with a pretty inspiring way of getting around the problem.

As you can see in the clip shared below, Ra7vaNn05 has designed a LEGO contraption that does all of the 'A' button pressing for them. We assume the idea here is that you can simply put your LEGO to work, nip off elsewhere to get on with your day, and then come back to find lots of lovely fish bait or the like waiting for you upon your return.

Indeed, Ra7vaNn05 says that they "built this monstrosity" in an attempt to catch the super rare Mahi-mahi fish, with the pain of having to sit there for hours just to craft fish bait packs one at a time no doubt being too much to deal with. It's genius, really.

Right, excuse us for a bit - we're off to build our very own LEGO Animal Crossing "monstrosity" machines. Wish us luck!

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