The folks over at IGN have shared a brand new gameplay video for Streets of Rage 4, giving us our first proper look at the game's pixel-art characters.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that 12 former Streets of Rage characters would be returning to the series as unlockable and playable fighters in their original pixel versions. These welcome, nostalgic additions come alongside a retro soundtrack option, which you can hear for yourself throughout the video above.

Last week, a release date for the game was spotted across a number of Nintendo Switch eShop stores worldwide, suggesting that it'll be launching next week on 23rd April. That date still appears on the eShop to this day, but publisher DotEmu remains adamant that the date shown is incorrect.

It's unusual for a Switch eShop listing to be wrong - as we understand it, Nintendo would have its say on when a game will release - but we're keeping our eyes peeled for more info on this as we get closer to that mentioned date.

Do you like the look of these retro characters? Does the video above make you even more excited for the game's release? Let us know with a comment.