A few months back during a special Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Direct, the world learned that all Animal Crossing amiibo that released back with amiibo Festival, Happy Home Designer and New Leaf: Welcome amiibo would all be compatible with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, allowing players to invite their favorite villagers into the game with their respective cards. Those cards originally retailed for $5.99 USD with each pack containing six character cards, which was pretty reasonable at the time. Flash forward to today and now some of those cards are actively selling online for more than the price of the actual Switch game. We're really kicking ourselves for not bulking up our collections.

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New Horizons has been the talk of the town well before it launched last month on Switch, so this really should come as no surprise, but to see the prices of some of these cards are selling for online is almost baffling. Characters like Bob, Lucky, Marshal, Ankha are some of the pricier ones, but plenty of others are still fetching an inflated price as well. The ability to invite your favorite villager from the series into the new game is an extremely alluring prospect, considering the fact you'll need to be pretty lucky to come across them in-game otherwise. But we're extremely curious how long these prices will last.

Considering the fact that amiibo only need to be scanned into the game a few time to convince a villager to move out to your island could mean that many people will quickly be selling their amiibo off afterwords. But we suppose only time will tell.

If Nintendo were to reprint these in the West, would you be interested in picking up a few packs? Have you already invited any villagers onto your island using amiibo? Let us know your thoughts down below!