When it comes to the Switch eShop, there's plenty of room for improvement. In the past, many users have complained about how hard it is to navigate the store, sift through all the shovelware, and find what you actually want.

With this in mind, Nintendo appears to have released an incredibly minor update for its online store, which might make it a little easier to identify the good games from the bad ones. When you highlight a game on the eShop now, it will cycle through images of it. Here's a look at what we're talking about, courtesy of our friend Nintendaan:

According to Daan, this preview function works across all areas of the Switch eShop and means you no longer need to enter a game page to see the images. It's also worth pointing out this update arrived before the most recent Switch system update (Version 10.0.1) that Nintendo rolled out earlier today.

What do you think of this slight adjustment? Share your thoughts below.

[source gonintendo.com]