We're used to seeing console and PC mods but this design is a little different. The YouTube channel Tech by Matt decided to gut a Nintendo GameCube and turn it into a fully-functioning gaming PC. While not everyone will agree with this decision, the system – to be fair – is described as a broken one purchased from eBay. In the final build, the controllers can still be used with it, and the original power button still turns the system on.

Looks can be deceiving

You can get the full rundown on the system specs in the video above. As for the abilities of the new hardware, it's capable of running titles like Fortnite and Counter-Strike Global Offense in full 1080p, while games like Far Cry 5 are cut back to about 25 fps. Being a PC, it's also capable of emulation and while some games run have no issues, certain others experience problems.

Would you be willing to do something like this to your own GameCube? Tell us below.

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