Max Raid Battles Sword Shield

Having to stay indoors presents a number of challenges, not least having to deal with an increasing feeling of loneliness as you find yourself staring at the same four walls. Sure, the gamer stereotype suggests we're all pretty well equipped for staying inside all day, but in reality it's understandable to be struggling given the circumstances.

As such, Joe Merrick - founder of and occasional Nintendo Life contributor - has kickstarted a new Pokémon community initiative to get fans of the series playing together and enjoying each others' company in an online setting.

For one hour each Wednesday, Pokémon Sword and Shield players are invited to jump into the games' online Max Raid Battles; 50 Pokémon content creators are already on board who will be streaming their Raids on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

You can easily get involved and keep up to date with what others in the community are doing by following the streams; optional challenges will be presented each week, with this first week being Easter/spring themed. Full details can be found via the Twitter thread above.

Joe says, "The important thing here is for us to do some raids, either alone or with friends, and have fun!"

Let us know if you'll be joining in the fun with a comment below, and make sure to spread the word. Nice work, Joe!