TY The Tasmanian Tiger

After a successful Kickstarter, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger HD has been released in North America on the Switch eShop. It'll arrive later this week in Europe and Australia on 4th April. Now that the first game is on the Switch, what are the chances of the second and third games also being made available?

A fan asked this on Twitter recently and got a familiar response. It's all dependant on how many people buy and play the first game on Nintendo's hybrid platform. Krome Studios further states how it's "pretty much ready to port" both of these games as the high-definition ones have already been released on PC. It's the same story for Ty 4 as well.

TY 2 and TY 3 - We would like to and they're pretty much ready to port since the PC HD ones are done. But to be totally honest it's still going to depend on how well the first one goes.

As for a physical release of the first game on Switch - there are currently no plans for one, but if the digital version sells enough, it's not necessarily out of the question.

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