Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick, a fundraising organisation which has been raising lots of money for charity through speedrunning livestreams over the past few years, has kickstarted a brand new stream to help fight against the current coronavirus pandemic.

The stream, which you watch via Twitch below, is raising money for Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organisation active across more than 80 countries which currently finds itself focusing on getting personal protective equipment where it is most needed around the world.

The stream is set to run from Friday 17th April to Monday 20th, and there are plenty of Nintendo games set to be streamed over that time. You can see the full schedule here, but highlights include Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Kirby's Dream Land, Super Mario Sunshine, Pokémon Sword, and many more.

The last Games Done Quick event, which took place in January this year, raised an amazing $3,131,475 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.