The Animal Crossing and DOOM fanbases have been collaborating with all sorts of wonderful stuff over the past few weeks, but this latest creation might just be the cherry on top.

Andrei Mishanin, a Russian artist that we featured on the site earlier this year thanks to their wonderful Pokémon x Animal Crossing artwork, is back once again with what is quite possibly the best video we've ever seen.

Introducing DOOMANIMAL, a metal band made up of Isabelle, Tom Nook, a villager wearing the DOOM Slayer helmet, and a villager version of Marnie from Pokémon Sword and Shield, all jamming along to DOOM's main theme.

We never need any particular excuse to blast that DOOM theme out of our speakers - it absolutely slaps, as the kids say - but seeing Tom Nook casually playing that synth like the rock god he is somehow makes it even better. The official DOOM Twitter account actually thanked the video's creator for their hard work.

We absolutely love it. If you're reading, Andrei, congrats on an amazing job!