If you're looking for a brand new, utterly bonkers party game to enjoy with friends and family, Chapeau might just be exactly what you're after.

From Austrian developer Salt Castle Studio, Chapeau has players bouncing, floating, and zooming through the air as various pieces of headwear, essentially replicating any time you've had a "friend" hellbent on ruining your day in Super Mario Odyssey's co-op mode.

You can go head-to-head with your friends in the game's Versus mode, or you can try working together in a co-op setting either locally or online. There's also a single-player Challenge mode where you can unlock new hats and maps. Here's a feature list:

- Play on the couch with up to 4 players in local split screen
- Play in Versus to take down friends, or Co-op to team up and hat together!
- Find the perfect fit with different hats to match both your style and your playstyle
- Use items like jetpacks, dogs or even comets to sabotage your opponents and stay a step ahead in the ever-changing dynamic play fields
- Compete in the modes The Floor is Lava, Color Craze, and Where is Whilhelm
- Test your skills in Challenge Mode to unlock a host of new hats & maps!
- Unlock and collect all the funny hats and skins

It's launching on Nintendo Switch and PC on 31st March, so you don't have too long to wait if you like the look of what you've seen. Mad hats and crazy pooping babies - what a day we're having so far.