Dragon Marked For Death

The side-scrolling action-RPG Dragon: Marked for Death by Inti Creates was definitely an interesting concept, but the game itself didn't live up to expectations. Since its release early last year, it's been patched a few times over, and soon it'll be bumped up to Version 3.0.0.

According to the Inti Creates Twitter account this "massive update" will be released next month on 21st April, and will include the new characters - Oracle and Bandit. You can see these characters in action and listen to their Japanese voice cast in the trailer below:

We've also got some community patch notes, that have been gathered from the recent live stream (thanks for the tip, Ardisan):

Version 3.0.0 RELEASE DATE APRIL 21

- Bandit and Oracle will be added to the game
- Empress, Warrior, Shinobi and Witch will get new abilities
- Light Sword, Greatsword and Orb weapon types will be added to the game
- Character level cap increased to 100
- Quest level cap increased to 110

*Player Character new infos
- 4 Japanese voices to choose from
Yui Ogura, Tomita Miyu, Saori Hayami, Yui Horie
- Oracle is free for everyone who owns the game regardless of whether physical or digital
- Players have to meet a certain requirement to unlock her
- We don't know the requirement yet
- As long as you have already met the requirement, you should be able to play her
- Oracle can be built for both physical and magic dps role
- Oracle can be played as a primary support role
-magic only has homing and 1 power up

- 4 Japanese voices to choose from (at least 1 eng voice?)
Kaji Yuki, Daisuke Kishio, Kenta tanaka, Daiki Yamashita
- To unlock Bandit, you need to complete the DLC quest story-line
- And also meet a second requirement
- Dragon Claw hitstuns the target
- Dragon Claw only has a DP cost on startup, extra continuous grapple has no cost for upkeep
- "Bandit's power depends on how you build him"
- thunder bandit's dragon dash has i-frame but somersault portion has no i-frame
-magic relic max number increases for the element same as the contract
-poison bandit's poison magic relic boost more then other contracts
-thunder bandit's thunder magic relic can be used multiple times in the air

- The Empress's new movement depends on wearing Light sword
- Using the new Light Sword, after you do the basic aerial attack (spinning slash) and the Dragon Sword in the air, it initiates an even stronger, longer Dragon Sword
- Using Dragon Shot in the air to increase airtime allows you to maintain the stronger Dragon Sword
- Using DP, you can do a piercing dash stab with invincibility frames
- After the rapid stab attack, the piercing dash stab has less startup lag (animation cancelling)

- If you do a normal ground combo as Warrior using a Greatsword it'll do an upwards swing, but if you do a air slash afterwards, it'll slam down the enemy
- "War cry" increases Berserk bonus and shockwave of charge atk
- The War cry boost depends on contract
- For Wind Warrior it's about 2.1x ish
- Wind Warrior's smash width has increased and moves forward a bit

- Giant Shuriken is similar to Shield Boomerang (surrounds the Shinobi defensively damaging nearby monsters); if locked on, it becomes homing
- Dragon Meteor is a powerful downward kick
- The longer you extend your aerial combo, the more damage Dragon Meteor does
- Elemental Contract determines the length of the combo you need to do to deal max damage, and also the max damage value itself

- Witch's Orb gives her a Regen spell, Cure spell (remove status effects) and a Buff spell (increase specific stats)
- If you upgrade Cure, it becomes a Bizarre Bone buff (less time then 30sec? )

*Drops & Weapon Upgrade System
- You can start upgrading weapons from the Weapon Store/General Store using the Enhance Cubes that drop from monsters
- From +0 you can upgrade to +1, +1 to +2, +2 to +3
- However, the upgrade cost is massive
- "We're not improving the drop rates, but we'll make it easier in another way"
- "Not all weapons can be upgraded."
- Only weapons below Lv.70 can be upgraded from +2 to +3
- "The drop rates for normal chests have been improved somewhat"
- You can appraise items individually; skip the Gacha animation by pressing +
- To work around deviation of equipment drops such as duplicate Kunai and Shuriken,
you can bring multiples of weapons of the same rarity (stars) along with materials and money to the Black Market and exchange them for their counterpart (i.e you can trade a bunch of Shuriken for a Kunai of the same tier)

*Training Stage
* solo only
- There will be a new training stage quest
- When you pick that quest, you can fight specific bosses
- In the beginning you can only fight certain bosses and low quest level
- Defeating bosses in their own quests will unlock them in the training room
- If the boss doesn't exist at Q.Lv50, it won't show up in the Q.Lv50 training room
- The bosses aren't exactly the same, but they should be similar enough to their original variations
- You don't consume your items if you use them in training
- You won't get any drops, exp or gold from the training room

- Sandbag/dummy added to the town (dmg, hit!#s, dps rates)
- Standing/idle animations for all characters when talking
- Backgrounds will have more details
- Quest info layout changed so that more information is on the right
- ability to skip new gold, exp gain animation by pressing +
- The new coins have bronze and silver (gold?) variants
- We'll have three save files instead of the two currently (new characters should be playable on the new files if any saves reached the requirements)
- Gold reward from quests will be increased up to 20x for certain quests
- Patch is still in development so things are being adjusted as we speak
- If you fail a quest, the items you used won't be consumed (same as abandoning quests currently)

Will you be returning to Dragon: Marked for Death to try out this new update? Comment below.

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