Look, even Isabelle's delighted

Animal Crossing: New Horizons might well have received upgrades in the more traditional game departments - like shiny HD loveliness and new character customisation options - but one more welcome upgrade has been confirmed today. Yes, your island name can be up to ten characters in length. Get in.

Eagle-eyed viewers of last month's Nintendo Direct will have spotted that certain screens showed the user's island name as 'Nintenland'; while this suggested that ten-character names would be accepted, it was strangely never actually confirmed - or indeed mentioned at all - by Nintendo.

Today, though, Nintendo has finally confirmed the news for the first time in this tweet:

So, why is this such a big deal? Well, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, players were restricted to eight-character town names, and while that might not seem like much of a difference, you'd be surprised just how much this two-character buffer can open up your ideas. Our dream of living in a place called 'NLife4Ever' can finally be realised, which is more than enough reason to celebrate in our book.

With 10 characters to play with, what will you be naming your island? Let us know in the comments below.