Curve Digital has revealed a colourful, retro-inspired arcade racer going by the name of Hotshot Racing, which will be speeding onto Switch this spring. Remember Racing Apex? Well, it's had a fresh paint job, it seems.

From Lucky Mountain Games and Sumo Digital, Hotshot Racing boasts bright, polygonal visuals and boost-filled drift-style gameplay in a bid to channel classic arcade racers of times gone by. It also promises to achieve a "silky smooth 60 frames per second" on every platform - and yes, that includes Switch.

The game features eight drivers to choose from, each with their own personalities and cars, as well as 16 tracks and a number of game modes. You can play either alone or in multiplayer - both online and offline - including four-player local split-screen co-op.

There's also a traditional Grand Prix mode where you can race on multiple tracks to take gold in a championship, a Time Trial mode, a 'Cops and Robbers' mode where criminals must evade capture from the police, and a 'Drive or Explode' mode where players need to race to checkpoints to avoid exploding.

For players waiting to see what became of Racing Apex, it’s good to see it back in this new form, although from the trailer above it appears that weapons are less of a focus following the transition.

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