MinistryofBroadcast Steelbook Edition Preorder

Revealed last year to be coming to Switch and Steam in Q1 2020, story-driven cinematic platformer Ministry of Broadcast is coming to Switch on 28th April this year. Not only that but if you're a fan of all things physical, you can currently pre-order the game and get the natty Steelbook Edition for the same price as a standard physical copy.

As you can see from the screenshots below and the reveal trailer from last year, developer PM Studios is channelling the look and feel of atmospheric platformers like Flashback and Another World while injecting "a heavy dose of impish humor, grade-A sarcasm, and comic mischief", according to the official blurb

You play a protagonist navigating environments controlled by a watchful regime and you'll have to solve a bunch of puzzles and deadly distopian conundrums if you want to see your family again. As you can see from the screenshots below, it looks lovely and reminds us of the wonderful pixel art of The Way Remastered:

The game is coming on 28th April for $39.99 and pre-orders are up which will include the Steelbook for the same price as the Standard Edition. If cinematic platformers are your bag, you may want to keep an eye on this as Ministry of Broadcast has been nominated for various indie game awards and veteran game developer and Doomguy John Romero likes it:

"Fun and funny" - we'd take that from Mr. Romero! Let us know if this piques your interest below.