Augmented Reality on the Nintendo 3DS

In the same interview with the Japanese publication Nikkei, when Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa spoke about cloud gaming and how he still thinks there is plenty of time for dedicated video game hardware to thrive, he also discussed how the company is "constantly" embracing new technologies.

He took this chance to explain how Nintendo was regularly researching and developing – and didn't want the public to think the company was turning its back on new technology. In fact, both the company's hardware and software development teams evaluate new kinds of tech all the time. It's more about determining if it can be used with a game.

Thanks again to Oni_Dino from Nintendo Everything for providing the translation:

Something I do not want the public to misunderstand is that we are not turning our backs on new technologies – we are constantly researching and developing. Our hardware development teams evaluate all kinds of new technologies available thus far and consult with our software developers. If they determine that a technology can be used with a game, then they will utilize it. We will not be changing this fundamental approach moving forward.

One form of technology Nintendo has dabbled with in the past is augmented reality. For example, the 3DS featured built-in AR Games software which could be enjoyed with the AR cards provided with the system. In the same response, Furukawa said Nintendo isn't necessarily done with it:

As for AR, it is definitely one of the many aspects we are interested in. We are currently researching what interesting ways we can utilize it.

Nintendo often cops a lot of flak for being slow to adopt new technologies, but at the same time, it's constantly paving the way within the video game industry. What do you think, though? Would you like to see Nintendo embrace new tech sooner rather than later? Tell us down below.