Update: It looks like stock is slowly but surely returning to the store, as pre-orders are now open to secure the game once more. According to the store listing, any orders placed now will be despatched at the end of the month.

Original Article: With Christmas well and truly over, it's almost tradition at this point to see a variety of fitness products hit shelves and be marketed from every possible angle. Nintendo UK is unsurprisingly getting in on the act itself by regularly promoting Ring Fit Adventure in press releases and social media posts, but there's one major problem: the blasted thing's out of stock almost everywhere.

We've been discussing Nintendo's fitness and RPG mashup this morning at Nintendo Life Towers, wondering just how many poor souls are being convinced to pick up the game thanks to this advertising - and rightly so because it's pretty brilliant - but then finding that they can't actually grab a copy. We've looked across all major retailers including Nintendo's very own store and are struggling to find it available for anywhere close to its RRP.

The debate in the office continues: is the product incredibly popular, with units selling out super-fast over this exercise-busy new year period, or did Nintendo once again fail to assess demand, producing a much lower quantity than needed? We're hoping it's the former, but we've seen similar stock issues with past products like amiibo thanks to sales which "exceeded expectations".

We've asked Nintendo UK for comment on the stock shortages and when we might expect the product to return. We'll update this article if we hear back.

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