No Isabelles were harmed in the making of this image...

20th March 2020 is set to be a pretty cracking day for the gaming industry, with both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and DOOM Eternal launching on the same day (although DOOM will be sadly lacking on Switch until later). The two titles couldn't be more opposite, yet we couldn't be more excited for both of them in equal measure.

As it happens, that strange desire to play both of these wildly different games isn't lost on DOOM Eternal's creative director, Hugo Martin. He was actually asked about how he felt having the game launch alongside Animal Crossing in an interview with Gamespot, and said that he's "excited" to play it:

"I think it's awesome and it speaks to the amazing diversity that we see in games today. I honestly root for other games and other studios. I'm so proud to work in the game industry and the fact that two games that are so completely different, getting a ton of press, come out on the same day. It's an incredible time to be in development and I'm excited to play Animal Crossing."

While the Switch version of DOOM Eternal will be released after the other versions coming out in March, id Software has noted that it's "not going to be a huge delay". At least the delay removes the dilemma of which game we'll be slotting into our Switch first on 20th March!

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