If you find yourself needing to kill some time over this festive season - perhaps as you hide away upstairs to take a breather from that one annoying family member for a while - we've stumbled across the perfect thing to keep you occupied.

Gaming Historian has shared a brand new video on YouTube, taking a super deep dive into all things Super Mario Bros. 3. Fittingly called 'The Story of Super Mario Bros. 3', the video takes the form of an explorative documentary, and coming in at a whopping 50 minutes long, you're sure to learn a thing or two by taking it all in.

After a brief intro, we're treated to three separate parts: 'The Ultimate Mario', 'The Hype', and 'The Greatest'. The video's description promises that you'll learn about "the unparalleled hype surrounding its release, and why it's considered one of the greatest games of all time". We share that love for the game ourselves - recently ranking it just outside the top five in our list of the Best Super Mario games.

Fancy giving it a watch? Here you go:

We'd all happily take any opportunity to gush about our feelings towards this game, right? Well, go on then - the comment box below is waiting.