Fortnite has partnered with Marvel's superheroes, Batman and most-recently collaborated with Star Wars, so it's no surprise to see the game's biggest streamer Ninja is now teaching Mark Hamill – also known in a galaxy far, far away as Luke Skywalker – how to play the world's most popular battle royale game.

It begins with Ninja asking Mark a few questions about his gaming history. Apparently, he and his children started out with the Odyssey and moved onto an Atari. Mark then talks about voice acting for video games and after this, they drop into Epic's battle royale. Here they're joined by Mixer streamer Simby and Hamill's son Griffin. Mark "nails" a guy, and then not long after this his other son, Nathan Hamill, takes over.

You can watch the full clip, which runs for just under 10-minutes above. On a related note, Fortnite is currently hosting Winterfest 2019 and is offering special Star Wars-themed outfits to promote the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in cinemas this week.