Later this week, Geralt makes his Netflix debut in The Witcher. If you've previously played The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the Switch or another platform, we're guessing you're at least curious to see what his new web television series is like.

Although it's already been stated how the series will draw on Andrzej Sapkowski's best-selling fantasy novels, rather than CD Projekt Red's popular video game series, in a recent interview with Inverse, the showrunner Lauren Hissrich doubled-down on this. Here's what she said when asked if there was a chance of stories from the video games being adapted:

We’re going to stick to the book for a few reasons. One, the games are amazing, but they’re also an adaptation of the books. That would be an adaptation of an adaptation. Two, I don’t think the TV show in any way needs to compete with the games. They can stand on their own. The games have a ton of fans, what we’re doing doesn’t impact the games, at all. The games can keep going with their storytelling and we can keep going with ours and we can live in the same universe really happily.

According to Hissrich, there's no need for the two to compete, and both series can "happily" co-exist within the Witcher universe alongside the book. The Witcher Netflix series launches on 20th December and has already secured a second season.

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