You hear that? That jingle bell-tinged drone is the sound of inevitability. In amongst the socks and the boxes of deodorant you'll be gifted this holiday season, you can be sure there'll be an ugly festive jumper in there somewhere. Yes, even though granny's turned the thermostat to maximum and Dad's decided to push the boat out and light the fire as well, you're going to be sat there sweltering in a garish, itchy, woollen nightmare. C´mon, it's tradition!

Yes, it's Christmastime, but there's no need to be afraid. If you have to wear a festive abomination at home or to the office party, why not make it something a little more fun this year? Below we've rounded up the best of Nintendo-related knitwear – specifically sweaters – available this Christmas that'll keep everybody happy. Be it an officially-licensed number or a bespoke product created just for you, you'll be looking sharper than usual in these fun, festive fashions.

The official UK Nintendo ugly Christmas jumpers can be purchased from Geek Store this year. They currently have a buy one, get one half price offer running – perfect for stitching someone else up, too, in the ugly Christmas sweater game.

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Anything there that takes your fancy? If so, make sure granny (or whoever insists on buying the knitwear that's fun for exactly one-and-a-half days per year and then sits in the wardrobe taking up a disproportionate amount of space for the rest of the time) gets a look at this before they pick up their usual itchy garments. Have a great one everybody!