We're well used to eShop sales these days; publishers often use a cheeky price drop to get their game to the top of the charts and give it some much-needed visibility, but SimFabric has taken this to new lengths by hacking the price of Tocana's Dev's action title Preventive Strike to just 2 cents.

The game launched in May of this year for $1.99 / £1.59, so it was hardly an expensive game to start with. Still, the publisher is clearly hoping that, by bringing the cost of entry down to such a small amount, many players who baulked at the original price will now take the plunge.

Is this good for the eShop, though? That's highly debatable, as it means this title – which we haven't played ourselves but can report scored a rather lukewarm 6/10 on Steam – will be suddenly catapulted to the upper regions of the eShop charts, where it will presumably gain more attention and more downloads.

Does it deserve this extra attention? Probably not. Should you rush out and buy it? Again, probably not – unless you're short on games to play or are shopping on an especially tight budget.

Still, it's easy to see why eShop publishers do this sort of thing; if your title has stopped selling, then you really do have nothing to lose by hacking the cost down and giving it a boost. In fact, you could argue that you have everything to gain in this 'race to the bottom', as you'll pick up sales – even if it's just 2 cents per copy.

Let us know if you've been suckered in by this tactic by leaving a comment below – who knows, you may even feel that Preventative Strike is worth a look.