Even though it’s not a Nintendo game, we imagine that many of you reading this will be aware that today sees the arrival of Hideo Kojima’s much-hyped epic, Death Stranding – which, according to our friends over at Push Square, is rather good. 10/10 good, in fact.

However, today also sees the release of the Capcom Home Arcade system, Koch Media’s officially-licensed take on the whole ‘micro-console’ concept popularised by the NES and SNES Classic Editions. To celebrate this fact, Koch has created a special launch trailer which shows a father attempting to pass down his love of classic games to his offspring.

Costing a whopping £200, this massive two-player joystick comes pre-loaded with 16 CPS-based arcade titles, including Capcom favourites such as Street Fighter II, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Final Fight – all of which will be instantly familiar to those old enough to remember the glory days of the SNES, a console that was well-supported by Capcom back in the day. However, for serious fans, the news that Progear and Aliens vs. Predator are also included – two games which have never been officially available outside of the arcade – is the real draw here.

We reviewed the Capcom Home Arcade last week and said: “while the Capcom Home Arcade is very much a niche proposition, the small sector of the market it's aimed at will absolutely lap it up.”

Let us know if you’re crazy enough to be considering a purchase by posting a comment below.

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