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We're no marketing experts, but usually you'd expect a successful brand like Pokémon to showcase the very best of its heroes, highlighting just how wonderful and cool they are in every possible way. Forget that rubbish, though, because The Pokémon Company has purposefully highlighted just how much anime star Ash Ketchum sucks.

We say 'sucks' in the most endearing way possible, by the way - we actually really like the fact that his losses teach young viewers the importance of learning from failure and bouncing back from defeat - but we still find it funny nonetheless. The slightly bizarre news comes in the form of an article on Pokémon's official website, hilariously called 'Watch Ash Lose Tournaments in Pokémon the Series on Pokémon TV'.

Can someone go and give him a hug from us?
Can someone go and give him a hug from us?

As you might expect, it goes on to tell you exactly how Ash has failed in six major tournaments in a row - we'll conveniently forget about the Orange Islands and Battle Frontier for a second here - even going as far as linking to the exact episode in each story arc where he gets knocked out of competitions. Make sure to go and give it a read if you're interested.

It all seems a bit harsh, but it's actually building up the hype for the upcoming Alola League finals in the current season of the anime in the west. There, Ash is about to compete in major tournament number seven - we already know how he did thanks to the Japanese show being slightly ahead, so only click here if you don't mind being spoiled.

We're amazed he loses anything, to be honest. Shouldn't that Pikachu be about level 5,000 by now?