We're firmly of the opinion that Pokémon Sword And Shield – while not perfect – is a fine video game that has clearly had a lot of blood, sweat and tears invested in it. However, it would seem that in the effort to get the title to market, developer Game Freak slipped up a little when it came to creating the ending.

During the end credits for the game, a mouse cursor is clearly seen floating around the screen. The video is shown below, and it goes without saying, if you'd rather not have a portion of the ending ruined for you before you see it yourself, then navigate away from this page as quick as you can – this is spoiler territory.

Still here? Good, then watch the video here to see what we mean.

Now, on first inspection, you may be tempted to assume this is some kind of elaborate joke, but other videos have cropped up online which show the same mistake.

We'd imagine this problem will be patched out of the game pretty quickly, but it made us chuckle, at least.

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