We know plenty of people who aren't shy of spending silly amounts of money on Nintendo products, but this takes things to a whole other level.

Popular Japanese YouTuber, Hikakin, shared a new video over the weekend to his 7.82 million subscribers. In the video, he takes a trip to the lovely-looking new Nintendo store in Tokyo, casually grabbing one of every single item available. Wowzers.

This includes stacks of Nintendo Switch games, more plushies than we can count, one of every console variant available, and so much more. Seriously, the video's worth a watch just to see the rows and rows of shopping bags that he has after throwing everything at the poor assistant working on the till.

Feel free to check out the madness below (if you don't have much time, things start getting particularly exciting at around the 16-minute mark). In total, he spent 2,176,758 yen, which equates to roughly $20,000.

If anyone has this kind of money to spend and fancies taking us to Nintendo Tokyo for a shopping spree, we seriously wouldn't mind.

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