With the western Nintendo Switch release of Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy - Deluxe Edition just days away, we thought we'd get in the mood for some quizzing with these suitably tricky head-scratchers taken from the game.

Nintendo has been sharing these pesky brain teasers over the last few weeks, building up to the game's 8th November release. If you're looking forward to picking up a copy for yourself, why not try these out for size as a little bit of practice? Good luck, though. You're probably gonna need it.

Puzzle 1

Look closely at these weaselly sums – can you work out what the missing number is?


Puzzle 2

This island is submerged under the waves every day, at the time displayed on this mysterious monument. At what time does the island sink?


Puzzle 3

These clocks read 4:05, 2:18 and 3:05. One is 32 minutes fast, another is 28 minutes slow and the remaining one is broken. What time is it in this scene?


Puzzle 4

Look at the boards these characters are holding. If '1' has one, '2' has one, '3' has none and '4' has three, how many does '5' have?


Think you've solved them? Go ahead and post your answers (and your reasoning!) in the comments below. If you're stuck, don't worry - these had us stumped for a good while, too!