In some ways, time has passed incredibly quickly since Pokémon Sword and Shield were first announced, yet at the same time, the build-up to their release has felt like an absolute eternity.

Thankfully, the games are now finally available and ready to collect from your local game store (or your doorstep, if you've already pre-ordered them online). As has become tradition in recent times with any major release, we're eager to see how many of you are planning on picking up the new games.

Of course, with Pokémon being Pokémon, this release day poll's a little different. We know that some of you will be grabbing your favourite-looking version, while some of you will end up getting both. And, of course, we're sure some of you reading won't have any interest in the games whatsoever.

So, over to you. Leave a vote in our poll below and feel free to expand upon your answer in the comments below!

Which version of Pokémon Sword and Shield are you getting?

Happy Pokémon day! Feel free to keep checking back to see how the votes go...