Pokémon Sword And Shield may be set in a fantasy world that, in many ways, is quite different from our own, but it would seem that even the realm of Pocket Monsters has the same worries and concerns as ours – and that includes the thorny issue of global warming.

The game's Pokédex is being used to illustrate the dangers of climate change via a new regional form of the Pokémon Corsola. If you're well-versed in all things Pokémon then you'll be aware that Corsola is a coral-like Water/Rock-type monster. In previous games, Corsola had a smiling face and looked like a healthy, pink piece of coral.

However, in Sword and Shield, the Galarian Corsola has a bleached appearance and sad visage. The Pokédex even states that the 'mon was impacted by a rapid change in climate, which turns it into a life-leeching Ghost-type Pokémon. Corsola evolves into Cursola, which is even more spooky-looking.

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Given that games like Sword and Shield will be played by millions of young kids, it's encouraging to see companies like Game Freak using them as a platform to educate on the dangers of climate change and how it can impact the world around us. Let us know your thoughts on this by posting a comment.