There really does seem to be a simulation game for pretty much anything you can think of these days, and Flipper Mechanic is the latest to give players the chance to live out their very specific fantasies.

That's right, you can now experience what it's like to work as someone who fixes arcade cabinets, testing their faults and making things all better before getting them back safely to their owners. You can get a good sense of how this all goes down in the new trailer above, although we're not sure why the cash exchange looks like some kind of dodgy, secretive drug deal.

Here's a list of features to tell you a little more:

Main game features:
- The most realistic models of arcade machines in the history of games
- Machines consisting over 400 parts, realistically reproduced on the basis of real devices
- Possibility of mechanical, electrical and electronic repairs
- Possibility to test and play arcade machines
- Auctions, orders from clients, contacts with collectors
- Possibility to buy, transport and sell machines
- Modifications and construction of own flippers
- Installations of the best machines at pubs and making money from satisfied players

The game is planned to launch on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. No specific date has been set just yet, but expect to see the game safely restored and delivered to your console next year.

What do you think? An intriguing premise? Share your thoughts with us below.