If you like the sound of a cute, quirky puzzle-based adventure filled with a weird and wonderful cast of critters, Molecats could well be for you.

The game launched on Switch just a matter of days ago and has you interacting with its scenery to help your party of Molecats (cat-mole hybrids, apparently) reach their destination. With the number of games charging onto the eShop every week, this one slipped under our radar, but those cute little murmurings made by the Molecats as they waddle around has us wanting more.

We have a nice batch of screenshots and a list of game features for you below, including mention of the game's "nonfailure" approach:

Indirect control via level tiles.. Rotate tiles to connect paths; apply special powers to tiles to make Molecats run, stop, or walk in opposite direction.
- Simple but challenging. Simple game mechanics at its base with little twists creating more challenging pathfinding puzzles.
- Peace! Traps and monsters don’t kill, but make your life way more complicated.
- “Nonfailure” gameplay style. You can’t actually lose this game, but if you mess up, you will end up facing even more puzzles.
- Tons of secrets! Each level features secondary goals, trophies, mysterious unlockables, special relic collections and hidden locations plus secret levels with unique game mechanics!

As mentioned above, you can already go ahead and pick this one up on Switch. It'll cost you $12.99 / £12.

Do you like the look of it? Think you might give it a go? Let us know in the comments below.