There's always talk of playing Nintendo Switch in virtual reality - a new Switch VR patent was discovered very recently, and Nintendo Labo VR already exists, of course - but you don't tend to hear about the possibilities of augmented reality. This upcoming product from Dreamworld might be about to change all that, though.

Called DreamGlass Air, these new lightweight goggles can be used with any modern gaming console, smartphone, or your computer, projecting the display from those devices in front of your very eyes. The product boasts 2.5K resolution and a 90° field of view, and allows you to view your chosen content while in any posture; with the goggles on, you'd be able to play Switch while lying down, without the need to hold anything in front of your face.

Despite the trailer's need to show screens being magically projected into the air, your screen is actually completely private. The product's developers use the phrase "immersive, but not isolated" to describe the experience, as you should still have awareness of your surroundings - the goggles don't fully obscure your view and create a new world like VR, but rather add the imagery you want to see on top of your real-world view.

Here it is working with a PS4...
Here it is working with a PS4...

The DreamGlass Air has already smashed its current Kickstarter goal, with over $730,000 pledged at the time of recording. The product isn't what we'd call cheap, and we're not sure just how much use you'd get out of it if you only wanted to use it with your Switch, but it does cost significantly less than other, similar devices. You can learn all about it, see it working with Switch, and pick up your own here.

What do you think? An interesting way to play, or too pricey for the amount of use you'd get? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.