We've reported before on Overpass, a four-wheel drive off-road racer from Swedish outfit Zordix (the team behind such racing titles as Aqua Moto Racing Utopia and Snow Moto Racing Freedom). While the studio's previous titles failed to impress us, something about Overpass has caught our attention and the Switch certainly could do with some good driving simulators to compliment the kart racers and more colourful fare.

The trailer above features our first look at gameplay, with the buggies struggling to negotiate all manner of ledges, concrete construction pipes and other obstacles. We get a glimpse of the behind-the-wheel view and see the suspension getting a ruddy good workout, too There's hill-climbing, rock-crawling, sand, mud and man-made problems to tackle, and you needn't do it alone either - according to the official blurb the game includes both local multiplayer (split screen or hotseat) and the online variety with up to 8 players able to take on the slopes.

The game was previously scheduled for an October release, but that has now been pushed back to February 2020. The developer's track record may not be spilling over with podium placements, but there's something about pitting ourselves against the terrain that fires up thoughts of Trials rather than 1950s Lawn Mower Kids. We'll have to see how all those muddy textures hold up on Switch, too, but if Overpass can really nail the physics and the 'feel' of these buggies, we're certainly willing to take it for a spin.

How does this gameplay trailer grab you? Do you think Overpass can rise above the boulders of mediocrity to become king of the hill? Feel free to leave your mark in the dust of the comments section below.