Dr Mario World

After one month, Dr. Mario World has now banked an estimated amount of $1.4 million and racked up a total of 7.5 million downloads across Android and iOS devices.

Compared to Nintendo's existing mobile releases, this makes Dr. Mario the fifth-placed title in terms of revenue and the fourth most downloaded title. The only Nintendo smartphone game it managed to outperform was Dragalia Lost - and it blitzed this previous release in terms of installs, as you can see in the chart below:

Sensor Tower
Image: Sensor Tower

In terms of revenue per download, Dr. Mario World made $0.19 per install. Japan spent the most on this new game, making up 55 percent of revenue ($770,000). The United States followed, making up 33 percent of player spending ($462,000) and it led in terms of downloads (around 2.6 million).

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[source sensortower.com]