Animal Crossing is right at the top of many people's 'must have' lists on Switch, so anyone cold-hearted enough to create a fake video stating that the game has been delayed must surely have no feelings.

But that's exactly what has happened; a rather official-looking video hit YouTube today which features development head Shinya Takahashi apologising for holding back the release of the upcoming 'life sim' sequel.

If the footage looks and sounds familiar, that's because it is; some fiendish devil has edited the Metroid Prime 4 delay announcement to make it seem like Takahashi is talking about Animal Crossing. The cads!

Here's the fake video:

And, for comparison's sake, here's the Metroid Prime 4 video that the footage was taken from:

So, if you meet anyone today who is visibly shaken at the prospect of not being able to sell their souls to Tom Nook this year, you can put their minds at rest.