Although Luigi's Mansion 3 is targeting a 2019 launch on the Nintendo Switch, there's still no solid release date.

If you've been wondering why this is, according to a statement made by Bill Trinen within a Polygon interview last week, it's because Nintendo wants Next Level Games to "put the care into it they want" so it's holding off on an announcement until the game is absolutely ready to go.

"...we’re waiting on them [Next Level] to let us know and we’ll solidify the release date.”

Nintendo's care and concern for its games and developers has also been highlighted with the recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons announcement.

Not long after fans found out the highly anticipated lifestyle sim had been delayed until next year, Nintendo of America President Doug Bowser said the company would not release a game "before it was ready" and wanted to make sure employees maintained a good "work-life balance" at the same time.

Nintendo's Charlie Scibetta added to this, saying how it would be a "disservice" to loyal fans of this particular series if the company rushed out the latest entry.

Are you glad to hear Nintendo is giving Next Level the time it needs to touch up Luigi's third outing? When do you expect it to show up on the Switch? Share your thoughts below.