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UK publisher Bitmap Books' latest Visual Compendium is now available to buy, following its successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

The next in the company's long-running series of books which focus on a single format (past entries include the NES and SNES), Sega Master System: A Visual Compendium is 424 pages of 8-bit goodness, packed with colourful screenshots, gorgeous bespoke photography and loads of brand-new exclusive interviews; even Mark Cerny, the man who designed the PlayStation 4, PS Vita and upcoming PS5 has been tempted to contribute. Mark spent some of his early career at Sega of Japan, and speaks about meeting Michael Jackson, creating unique Master System games and much more besides. Mutsuhiro Fujii, Takashi Shoji, Steve Hanawa and Rieko Kodama are also interviewed.

If you're unsure about picking up a copy, check out the images below. Like the NES and SNES books, this is a lavish and incredibly well-produced piece of work, and even if you're more of a Nintendo than Sega fan, it's well worth a read if only to get a little more knowledge of the company that would become Nintendo's biggest rival during the next console generation.

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