Team Sonic Racing Characters

In a recent Sonic the Hedgehog live stream over on YouTube and Twitch, Sega's Aaron Webber answered a question about microtransactions, paid DLC and if anything similar will feature in Team Sonic Racing.

Despite many companies embracing this model like there’s no tomorrow, Sega's development team have apparently decided against it, on this particular occasion. All of the content is included on the game card from day one and it's simply a matter of playing the game to unlock everything. Here's precisely what Webber had to say (thanks, Nintendo Everything):

"So there are two things I want to talk about for Team Sonic Racing real quick, because I think they’re important to talk about. The first is DLC. And there were a couple of options, and option one, was to essentially take content and sell it as DLC later and that was not something that I think the team wanted to do. The team is in a case – and I kind of prefer this – which is just all the content that’s going to be in the game is there right at launch. So we’re not going to charge you like 3 bucks later for characters that were cut out of the game or anything. It’s all there. And you’ll unlock everything as you’re going through."

So, based on this explanation, all of the characters will be there, and if anything else is released in the future, it will presumably be free. We guess we'll find out for sure later down the line. For now, though, it's clear there a total of 15 characters in the game and all of them can be freely unlocked. As for how the various other unlocks work in Team Sonic Racing, it's all tied to Mod Pods. Webber also mentioned how there were no microtransactions:

"The mod pods are the way you unlock parts and customization and color pallets, and all that in the game. This is a system that does not use real money it does not use microtransactions of any sort. And we thought that was really important. So it’s completely random and you earn the currency as you play the game. The more that you race, whether you win or lose, you’re earning this currency and you can cash that in through these mod pods which give you like boosts at the beginning of a race like Wisps or give you the car parts that you can then change and dye and all that.

"We did not want to do the microtransaction route at all, and that’s why we’ve got this different angle, which personally I think is a lot better, but we’ll leave it up to you guys to obviously voice your opinions and hopefully everyone’s cool with that route.”

Are you glad to hear you won't have to spend extra money to unlock more characters and content in the game? Tell us below.