Switch Cropped

As part of Nintendo's March 2019 Financial Results Briefing, information has been released regarding the Switch's sales pace in relation to past consoles.

Four different graphs have been presented in total - one showing total sales for each console worldwide, with the other three focusing on three separate regions. If we look at the worldwide chart, you can see that the Switch is selling at a near-identical pace to the 3DS after two years on sale, narrowly leading the way. It'll take something special to catch up with the mighty Wii and DS, but the signs are certainly positive.

The two sharp spikes you can see in the Switch's timeline are from holiday seasons, where sales have gone through the roof for short bursts of time.

There are some interesting regional differences over that same time period. Note how, in Japan, the Switch is actually selling at a faster pace than the Wii, but is significantly behind the 3DS. The Switch seems to be performing particularly well in North America, where only one of the other featured systems sold more units in its first two years.

Do you think the Switch will go on to outsell the 3DS' total? Switch currently has 34.74 million sales to its name, compared to the 3DS' 75.08 million.

[source nintendo.co.jp]