Stage Builder

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 3.0 has only been live for a matter of hours, but players are already misusing one of the update's biggest features.

The Stage Builder, which returns to the series after initially being left out of Ultimate, allows players to create their own custom stages and share them with the world. It's a neat feature, and one that can really show off players' creativity while simultaneously offering lots of new content for everyone else to enjoy.

Unfortunately, though, there are some people in the world who simply cannot resist filling in a blank canvas with something inappropriate. We've included one of the mildest offenders we could find below (edited for language).


For pretty obvious reasons, we won't include anything which goes beyond this on these pages, but you can see more examples - consisting of an odd, cardboard-looking NSFW scene and a distasteful image of the September 11 attacks - courtesy of AllGamesDelta if you like.

We're all for open creativity, and players should feel free to design stages however they like, but this is a game classified as 'E for Everyone'; younger players and anyone expecting a family-friendly experience shouldn't be subjected to things that don't fall under that classification. As such, we'd expect Nintendo to swoop in and delete anything inappropriate pretty sharpish.

Have you been checking out Stage Builder? How have you been getting on?

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