After eight years, the 3DS is on life-support. First-party releases for the system have seemingly dried up and during Nintendo’s latest financial briefing, there was no mention of future games support for the device.

If it wasn’t already evident Nintendo is ready to move on, Kotaku reached out to the company after the briefing and received the following response:

“We have nothing new to announce regarding first-party software for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. We can confirm that new software is coming from third-party publishers.”

So, if the 3DS has finally been dropped by Nintendo, all that’s left to look forward to now are third-party releases such as Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth. At the end of last month, Limited Run also revealed it would be releasing a physical 3DS game in the near future.

Despite the system's age, 3DS game sales are still going strong. For example, just yesterday, we found out Mario Kart 7 is selling like hotcakes - with the game shifting 1.21 million units across the globe over the past financial year. Admittedly, the fact it is bundled with 2DS line has probably helped.

Is this the end for the 3DS? Has Nintendo finally moved on? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

[source kotaku.com]