Peach Smash Bros

Earlier this week, a Twitter user spotted Marina from Splatoon 2 on the Xbox One dashboard within the Mixer section. As you may or may not be aware, Mixer is a Microsoft-owned live-streaming platform for all types of video games across multiple platforms.

The timing of it was definitely odd, coming off the recent onslaught of rumours linking Microsoft Xbox services to Nintendo. If Marina wasn’t convincing enough, Nintendo Life contributor, video game historian and industry insider Liam Robertson has shared a new clip via Twitter, showing not one - but multiple - Nintendo characters now on the Xbox One Mixer banner. This includes character artwork of Isabelle, Princess Peach, Lucina and Inkling Girl from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Take a look at the evidence below:

As we’ve already noted, Mixer plays host to all types of video games across every video game platform. As for why it’s these specific Nintendo characters, it’s likely because it is International Women's Day on 8th March, as some replies to the tweet have pointed out.

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